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Orthodontic Dental Braces Mississauga for $3800

Our dental office in Mississauga offers dental braces treatment at an affordable price of $3800. 

The braces journey for your dream smile starts with an initial free consultation. Schedule an appointment: 905-896-0620

During the consultation, all your concerns will be noted down and treatment plan will be developed eventually to get the desired results. 

Maintaining proper oral hygiene is very important while using braces. For the same reason, a thorough cleaning of the teeth and complete check up needs to be done before placing braces.

Monthly visits are needed to maintain the braces. The treatment usually spans from one to two years to achieve the desired results. 

Getting your dream smile can be achieved with orthodontic braces treatment or Invisalign.

The treatment involves a retention phase to prevent relapse.

At our dental office in Mississauga, we offer braces treatment with low down-payment which is $1200 and we also offer flexible, interest-free payment plans.

Our Invisalign  dental braces or invisible braces treatment is revolutionary and excellent in terms of results.   

Please visit our Invisalign page for more details. 

These are some of the dental problems that can be corrected with braces treatment. Treatment involves use of a single system or a combination of systems to get the desired results. You need to have an assessment to get an idea of how the treatment will be planned for you and the various options you have including the pros and cons.

We highly encourage you to book some time for the initial FREE consultation to get all the answers to your questions.