Dental Crowns & Dental Bridge

Dental Crowns & Dental Bridge by Mississauga Dentist

Mississauga Dental Clinic Providing Dental Crown & Bridge

You may need a dental crown if you need to protect your teeth due to the presence of a fracture or large filling. If your teeth are worn out, or if you would like to alter the appearance of the teeth due to cosmetic reasons, you still need a ceramic crown or veneer. After root canal treatment or implant treatment, you will need ceramic or PFM crowns. If you have any allergies to metals, it’s preferable to have all ceramic crowns. It is not a must that you need ceramic crowns. There are other options including metal crowns, metal-ceramic crowns which you can discuss with the dentist during your consultation prior to the treatment.

Are Ceramic Crowns better?

Ceramic or porcelain crowns give the tooth a lifelike or natural appearance. You can eliminate the dark shade near the gum line and the dull appearance by the use of ceramic crowns. For the same reason, all ceramic crowns can be the best option for front teeth. They are strong and durable just like other crowns. Different kinds of all ceramic crowns are there – Zirconia, Emax, and so on. The dentist will explain you about the various options and suggest the suitable one for you.

How is the procedure?

You need two visits to do the dental crowns. During the first visit, after discussing the treatment options, the dentist will prepare your teeth according to some specifications. The procedure is painless and may need local anesthesia. After the procedure, a temporary crown will be placed until the permanent crown is fabricated. The shade of the teeth will be noted and passed to the lab for color match. The second visit is typically after a week. The final crown will be fixed during this visit. Instructions will be given as well.

Insurance Coverage

Dental Crowns are either fully or partially covered by most of the insurances. We bill the insurance directly.


If you cannot afford to replace multiple teeth or if you are not a good candidate for dental bridges or implants, you can affordably undergo Snap-On Smile treatment.