Dental Exams and Cleaning

Mississauga Dental Exams and Cleaning

Dental Cleaning in Mississauga - Gum Disease Treatment

Dental Scaling

You have to visit the dentist at least every six months for your dental check-up and dental cleaning, which is also called dental scaling.The plaque and tartar attached to your teeth harbor bacteria that cause gum damage.Regular scaling plus home care helps you to keep your gums healthy and free from gingivitis.

In our Mississauga dental office at downtown, we provide the preventive services that help to retain healthy gums and teeth. Preventing gum diseases is our primary goal as gum disese will eventually result in mobility of the teeth, infection of the teeth, and loss of teeth and alveolar bone.

Once the teeth and bone are lost as a result of gum disease, it is inevitable to undergo extensive teeth replacement procedures like implants and dentures.A small step towards your oral health will render your gums back to good health. Call us today to book appointment for your cleaning.

Polishing your teeth

After the scaling procedure, your teeth will be polished to make sure that the surface is smooth and clean.

Is a check up required?

Every time you visit the dentist, it is essential to have the check up done. This will help to control minor issues in the very beginning.

How is dental cleaning or scaling done?

Dental scaling is done using ultrasonic instruments and hand instruments.A typical procedure involves 45 minutes. This removes the tartar and plaque attached to your teeth. If you already have gum disease, you may need root scaling or root cleaning to keep the area clean and smooth.

Is the procedure painful?

Usually, dental scaling is a very comfortable procedure and tolerated by most of the patients.Some have sensitive gums/teeth and may experience mild sensitivity.In these cases, the tissues are numbed to make it comfortable for the patient.

What is the cost of scaling?

Most of the insurances cover the cost of scaling and check up. At our Mississauga dental office, we bill your insurance directly for this procedure.

If you don’t have an insurance, don’t worry. Call us to know about your options.

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