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Dental implant therapy helps to restore the aesthetics and function by replacement with a natural looking tooth and supportive root, which is the implant. Dental implants are superior to dentures and bridges. Unlike the other replacement options, implants are strong, stable, and stay independently.

First appointment or consultation for implant treatment is FREE of cost. Once you are okay with the treatment and price, radiographs and impressions will be taken to assess the amount of bone and soft tissue available.Additional CBCT scan reports may be needed prior to the treatment. Implant will be placed surgically and there is period of healing when the implant integrates with the bone. You will have a temporary replacement option during this time, which is a partial denture. After the healing period, the permanent crown is fixed on the top of your implant to restore appearance and function.

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It is important to have regular check up and cleaning of your teeth after implant placement to avoid infection. Special instruments are used to clean the area around implants. Apart from this, regular care at home helps to remove the bacterial biofilm from the implant site.

As dentists in Mississaugaa, we offer a flat rate for dental implants regardless of the complexity.

Diagnostic radiographs and temporary flippers will be charged separately and most dental insurances will cover the charges of the X-rays.