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Wisdom Teeth Extraction & Wisdom Tooth Removal By Mississauga Dentist

A wisdom tooth extraction is a small surgical procedure done to remove one or all the wisdom teeth at the same time.Wisdom teeth are usually extracted when they do not have room to grow, which causes discomfort, pain and infections. Usually, the pain is so great that there is no option but removal of the tooth or teeth. It becomes necessary for the dentist or an oral surgeon to perform a wisdom tooth extraction. However, wisdom teeth removal is also indicated even if the wisdom teeth are not currently causing any issues. This is because they may cause serious problems in the future and thus are usually recommended for removal before any of these problems have a chance to arise. You may also need to remove the wisdom teeth sometimes as part of braces treatment.

How is the procedure? Is wisdom teeth removal painful?

A wisdom tooth extraction typically takes about 45 minutes or less to complete. The first step involves your dentist or oral surgeon giving you local anesthesia so you do not feel pain during removal. Your dentist may have to cut your bone or gums to get the teeth out as well if necessary. If you are a nervous person, we have a lot of strategies to reduce the stress before the procedure including laughing gas administration.

What happens after the teeth removal?

After the wisdom teeth are removed, bleeding stops and stitches will be put to close up the wound. You will be given analgesics and antibiotics (if required) to control the pain and infection. We give detailed instructions – both verbal and printout. You may need rest for a day or two and can resume activities as usual.

How can I book an appointment? what will be the charges for removing wisdom teeth?

Call us at 905-896-0620 to book an appointment. You can also email us the X-rays done previously to know about your options and charges. We follow the Ontario Dental Association’s Fee Guide for all our services. We bill the insurance directly for those who have a dental insurance. For those without an insurance, we offer affordable prices. We are open on weekends.