Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom Teeth Extraction by Dentist in Mississauga

Mississauga Wisdom Teeth Removal

A wisdom tooth extraction is a small surgical procedure done to remove one or all the wisdom teeth at the same time. Wisdom teeth are usually extracted when they do not have room to grow, which causes discomfort, pain and infections. Usually, the pain is so great that there is no option but removal of the tooth or teeth. It becomes necessary for the dentist or an oral surgeon to perform a wisdom tooth extraction. However, wisdom teeth removal is also indicated even if the wisdom teeth are not currently causing any issues. This is because they may cause serious problems in the future and thus are usually recommended for removal before any of these problems have a chance to arise. You may also need to remove the wisdom teeth sometimes as part of braces treatment.

Why do you need to remove wisdom teeth?

Well, the truth is that you may have to remove the wisdom teeth even if you do not have any problems associated with them. This is because symptoms often develop at a later stage.

It is very common that the wisdom teeth may not have enough space in the jaws. Badly positioned wisdom teeth will be difficult to clean and cause caries on adjacent teeth. Cheek biting or continuous trauma to the buccal mucosa occurs due to an improperly positioned wisdom tooth. Sometimes, wisdom teeth exerts pressure on the adjacent teeth and cause caries or resorption of the roots of them. Wisdom teeth, when partly erupted through the gums, cause gum disease and acute infection.

Cysts may develop in association with partly erupted or unerupted wisdom teeth. Many times, the cysts will not cause symptoms and will be seen during a regular dental check up.

If your dentist suggests to get the wisdom teeth removed, it is a good idea to get this done earlier than later. This is because the procedure will be easy and recovery will be faster if this is done at an earlier age when the roots are not fully formed.

Is wisdom teeth removal painful?

You will not feel any pain during wisdom teeth removal because the area will be numbed prior to the procedure. However, you may anticipate mild pain and some swelling post removal. You will be given adequate medicines to cope with the pain.

How long it takes to remove the wisdom tooth?

The time taken to remove the wisdom teeth varies a lot. For some teeth, it will hardly take 5 minutes while in some cases, it may take around 20-30 minutes.

What type of anesthetic is used?

Wisdom teeth can be removed under local anesthesia and general anesthesia. In our office, we remove wisdom teeth under local anesthesia in a relaxed environment.

What happens after the teeth removal?

After the wisdom teeth are removed, bleeding stops and stitches will be put to close up the wound. You will be given analgesics and antibiotics (if required) to control the pain and infection. We give detailed instructions – both verbal and printout. You may need rest for a day or two and can resume activities as usual.

What kind of medications I need to take after the extraction?

After wisdom teeth removal, you will be given medicines to prevent infection, and also to reduce pain and swelling.

Will there be any bone loss after the extraction?

There could be bone loss after wisdom tooth removal. However, your dental health will not be affected due to this. Neither you need a tooth replacement after wisdom tooth removal.

Will the loss of tooth affect my appearance?

Wisdom tooth loss rarely has an impact on facial appearance. Neither are you required to replace wisdom teeth.

How can I book an appointment? what will be the charges for removing wisdom teeth?

Call us at 905-896-0620 to book an appointment. We follow the Ontario Dental Association’s Fee Guide for all our services. We also bill the insurance directly for those who have a dental insurance. For those without an insurance, we offer affordable prices. We are open on weekends.