Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dentistry Mississauga

Mississauga Dental Emergency

You may be experiencing a dental emergency when you are feeling extreme distress as a result of an injury, an infection or perhaps a bite that went completely wrong. Perhaps you may have lost a filling, a crown or a veneer.

In case there is an emergency, don’t wait! Contact our dental office in order to make plans for urgent consultation. If you’re uncertain as to what constitutes an urgent dental problem, simply ask us. We’d rather hear from you and advise you that an immediate visit is not necessary rather than not learn about your dental situation. 

We provide same-day appointments for urgent dental care & pain relief.

We bill directly to your insurance. 

Should you be experiencing a dental emergency right now, don’t wait around – just get in touch with our dental office, and we’ll do everything we can to provide you with an appointment today. Call us 905-896-0620